Products in Development & Testing

Pellucere Technologies has a wide range of products currently in development or in field testing. If you would like to learn
more about how Pellucere’s advanced optical coatings can benefit your product or business, please contact us.

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Architectural-Grade Window Coatings

Pellucere is developing a new family of coatings designed to meet the high optical and durability demands required in high-rise window applications. The Architectural Coatings line is expected to dramatically reduce the need for window washing while improving the quality and amount of natural light that shines through.

The Architectural Coatings family of products will be available in factory formulation for use in high-temperature glass manufacturing and also in a field formulation that can be applied to existing buildings in the field using our proprietary field applicator systems.

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Military-Grade Dirt Rejection Shield

Pellucere is conducting field trials on a military-grade clear windshield coating that prevents up to 90% of dirt and dust accumulation in the field. Ideal for vehicles operating in severe, high-dust environments including defense, construction, and agricultural machinery.

Thanks to Pellucere’s™ unique low-temperature, fast-cure technology, this product will work in places where competing products do not, including:

  • Retrofitting in-service vehicles

  • Temperature sensitive hardened glass and safety glass in the factory

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PolyCarbonate Anti-Soiling Shield

Pellucere is developing a specialized anti-soiling coating designed to adhere effectively to polycarbonate. The Talus PC™ coating family brings the Talus Dirt Rejection Technology™ to polymer surfaces for the first time.

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High Definition AR Coating

With our lives increasingly revolving around screens - from smartphones to tablets to autos - we recognize the need for a high-definition anti-reflective coating that can be applied at low-temperature to accommodate the limitations of speciality glass and can provide minimum optical distortion for the user while dramatically reducing distracting reflected light. The HD family of coatings currently in development will solve this issue by providing a factory-installed coating product that adds a tough, low reflective silca layer to our screens.

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Lens AR Coatings

Pellucere’s coatings family also includes several early stage products to improve light transmission and reduce dirt and dust build-up on led bulb lenses. The coatings have the potential to reduce reflective losses, improve full-spectrum transmission, and reduce losses over time.

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