The Pellucere Technologies Story

Pellucere Technologies (formerly CSD Nano, Inc.) develops, tests, and manufactures optical coatings and proprietary application systems that serve a wide range of energy and industrial needs. The Pellucere Technologies family of brands include MoreSun® and Talus Dirt Rejection Technology™.

Company Founder Dr. Chih-Hung (Alex) Chang

Company Founder
Dr. Chih-Hung (Alex) Chang

Pellucere Technologies optical coatings are the result of more than a decade of research, development, and field trials. It all began with research in nano-scale coatings by Oregon State University (OSU) Professors Chih-hung (Alex) Chang, Jimmy Yang and Brian Paul and graduate student, Seung-Yeol Han. In 2009, this team of researchers joined with industry veterans John de Vos and Scott Weaver to further develop and commercialize their cutting edge research.

In its commercialization journey from advanced research to practical applications, the company, CSD Nano (the predecessor company to Pellucere Technologies™), received grants from the National Science Foundation, the Oregon NanoSciences and MicroTechnology Institute (ONAMI), and VertueLab (formerly Oregon’s BEST).

In 2014, the company perfected and patented a unique, low-temperature curing AR Coating that it called MoreSun®. After extensive field trials, development of a unique and patented field deposition system, and further refinement of the formulations, the company began commercial-scale trials in 2017. In 2018, CSD Nano received a significant investment from Energy Innovation Capital, a leading venture fund focused on innovative technologies for the energy sector. The company was renamed Pellucere Technologies and in 2019 it began delivering commercial-scale deployments of MoreSun® as well as its other related products.

Pellucere Technologies is actively developing a number of new coatings products that build on its core nano-technology. You can learn more about some of our upcoming products lines here.